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We are very selective in chosing the dogs that we use in our breeding program. We feel by breeding healthy dogs we are limiting the health problems our puppies will have. Bulldogs have a very bad reputation for having chronic health problems; they are jokingly known as the Veterinarians best friend. This does not have to be true; we feel if more breeders would be more selective in the dogs they choose for breeding, most of the health problems could be eliminated. This is especially true with eye, skin and breathing problems. Health is one of the most important priorities in our breeding program.

Our puppies get all appropriate Veterinarian care from the first day they are born. They are dewormed at 3 weeks of age and again when they get their 1st vaccinations at 6 weeks of age. All of our puppies are examined by our Veterinarian before going to their new families. All puppies are up to date on all their age appropriate Vaccinations before going to their new families. All puppies are microchipped with the HomeAgain Microchip before going to their new home.

All of our puppies go to their new homes litterbox trained using Second Nature Dog Litter Pan. To learn more about Second Nature Dog Litter Pans and litter training puppies, please visit: to go to the Second Nature Web Site. This is a great aid in housebreaking puppies. Let me add that just because you use the Litter Pan with your puppy to help aid in housebreaking, this does not mean that you will always have to have a litter pan in your house. The litter pan is just an aid to help the puppy get on your schedule without having to clean up messes all the time and cleaning your carpets every week.

Once we wean the puppies from their mom, they are introduced to the litter pan and taken outside four times a day. When we are at work the puppies are kept in an exercise pen (we call it the puppy playpen) with a bed, their litter pan and food and water. This allows them a play space, a place to sleep, their food and water and the litter pan so they can use the bathroom in an appropriate area. This is establishing proper “household etiquette” and teaches the puppies to keep their sleeping and playing areas clean. Instead of what most breeders do; which is cover the entire area with news paper and teaching the puppies to go anywhere and everywhere (even where they play and sleep). Below is a picture of what our “playpen” looks like for one puppy.

When our puppies go to their new homes, all the new owner has to do is get a dog litter pan and doggie litter. Then take the puppy outside on your scheduled times, until the puppy learns your schedule he will have the litter pan for accidents. Since we have already taught them how to use it, the puppy will instinctively know to go to it. This means no cleaning carpets; you just pick the litter pan out. By getting your new baby from CASH’S BULL BABIES you get a puppy that knows how to go outside to use the bathroom and if the puppy can’t hold it, they will go straight to the dog litter pan. After a few weeks, the puppy will learn your schedule and soon you will notice that the puppy is waiting until his scheduled time to go outside to use the bathroom. After a solid week of the puppy waiting to go outside and he does not need to use the litter pan; pick the litter pan up and you have a completely housebroken puppy.

The most common statement we hear from people that have our puppies is “The puppy housebroke himself” now this is not exactly true, because if the new puppy owner did not set up the schedule to get the puppy use to going outside then the litter pan would not work. However, what this statement means to me is; since the new family did not have to constantly clean up accidents they felt like they did not have to do much to housebreak the puppy. It is that easy; but the puppy is not going to housebreak himself, the new owners have a very key roll in accomplishing this.

In order for you to understand why this is an advantage: We have a video clip of one of our puppies playing in the living room. When she needs to go potty she goes straight to the litter pan. This makes accidents so easy to clean up, and it works.

Click here to view the video!

Nothing like coming home taking the puppy outside cleaning a litterbox and spending the rest of your time playing with the puppy. No more cleaning the cage and having to clean the puppy because he “played” in his mess. Just pick out the litter pan and have fun with your new puppy. No puppy can hold it for 8 hours while you are gone to work. At first it takes some time for the puppy to learn to hold it for that long and until he is around 12 weeks old, he does not have the muscles developed that are necessary to do so. Instead of new owners trying to figure out who will come home on their lunch time to clean up the mess and take the puppy out. The new owners can just come home, pick out the litter pan, take the puppy outside and then spend the rest of their time getting to enjoy their new baby.

CASH’S BULL BABIES will stand behind their puppies and will be available to answer any questions new families have about their babies'. This includes: housebreaking, behavior, training, feeding, breeding, spaying/neutering and proper care of bulldogs.