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Christie and Lisa Cash

Breeding Services

We are experienced veterinarian technicians that have been trained and provided 98% of the canine breeding services at the veterinarian clinic where we worked for over 10 years. We were personally taught by a veterinarian reproductive specialist in the proper techniques of artificial insemination and the proper collection and handling of semen. We continually attend seminars and read new research to advance our knowledge and to keep our techniques up to date so we can ensure the highest conception rate.

Artificial Insemination

We offer artificial insemination services for all breeds, specializing in bulldogs. Veterinarian reference available- our veterinarian refers their clients to us for artificial inseminations. We are equipped to perform artificial inseminations on any size dog, Chihuahuas to Great Danes and all breeds in between. Whether you own both the sire and dam or you would like to have semen shipped from an outstanding stud, we can help you get your dream litter.

We have a 95% conception rate with bulldogs and a 98% conception rate overall with all breeds included. Our average bulldog litter size is 7 puppies with our largest litter being 12 puppies and 9 pup litters being more common then 3 pup litters. Our average small breed litter size is 4 puppies and our average large breed litter size is 9 puppies.

Shipping Semen

We offer collection and shipping preparation for all breeds also. If you have a stud that you are considering offering shipped semen on, we can help. We can collect your male, prepare the collection for shipping and we can even have FedEx pick it up at our home for delivery. We can provide the shipping containers for an additional fee of $50.00 each. We provide everything to collect, prepare, extend, cool and ship the semen all you need to do is call us.

Fees for Our Breeding Services